FreePBX Distro Install hangs - related to

My recent attempt to install the FreePBX Distro resulted in huge pauses during the RPM installation phase and very sluggish performance when running module updates.

I did some packet traces on the box’s connections and during install can see outgoing SYN packets going to but no replies ever come back. Eventually it seems to time out and try mirror2 which then works.

Hacking the upstream DNS server to serve mirror2’s IP address as a reply to mirror1 dns requests solved the problem.

Is mirror1 down? From here (UK) if I browse to mirror2 I get a blank page and a freepbx icon on the browser’s tab, browsing to mirror1 simply times out with page not available.

I have tried this from 2 locations which have different ISP’s and get the same result.

I can provide traceroutes if that’d be helpful.


Apologies - just seen a post from earlier saying the update servers are being worked on. I’ll get my coat…