FreePBX Distro in release?

Hey Guys,

I see that FREEPBX (the interface) is no longer in RC. Dose this mean that the FreePBX distro is no longer in Beta an now release??

As per previous posts we were informed once the 2.9 freePBX goes release, the distro will change form beta to release?

Please see the below;

UPDATE NOTICE: There are 5 modules available for online upgrades
backup (current:
core (current: 2.9.0rc1.6)
framework (current: 2.9.0rc1.5)
endpointman (current:
sysadmin (current:

Thanks for your help

Yes we plan on this week releasing the final. We have 2 little things we are trying to wrap up tomorrow and than the final will come out.

What will be the procedure to upgrade from the beta to the final?

There will be a simple script you run no different than the previous upgrade scripts while in Beta.

Woot! Can’t wait!

I have to say from our prospective we are very impressed at the responsiveness of the developers of this distro.

Long may it continue!


Thank you for the kind words. We have no intentions on that changing and that is one of our main focus but its nice to see the community of users jumping in and helping other users with questions so we can stay focused on building the product as we have been able to so far.

The store is ready to go live, the distro is ready to go final once we fix a bug in FreePBX 2.9 install_amp that just crept in this week.

Than its on to some cool new items and programs that are coming out that we talked about at the last OTTS to help resellers selling FreePBX system sell more deals and build a true eco system around FreePBX.


What version of Asterisk do you plan to include with the release Distro?

Also, do you plan to give people the option to use the final releases of Asterisk 1.4 and/or 1.6?

We will use the same with our patches. No everything we have built is for 1.8 with our patches to take advantage of things like Camp On and Reverse Caller ID look up for when calling ring groups or attended transfers and all the issues that we have all hated about asterisk for years with Caller ID not being updated.

I take it you will put up a point in the forum once it actually goes release?


I have to say I am very excited about this distro. Even though I am new to VoiP (abit less than 1.5 years) I realize the great work you are putting here.

Also, I found ISO (and at your download repository. Can this be used to testing?


Yes the next release which is marked as stable is We just wrapped up the last bug lastnight with MoH not using the correct default folder due to a migration issue in the FreePBX 2.9 tar ball.

I plan on updating the download link today and officially releasing the upgrade script.