FreePBX Distro Conversion Tool ERROR Unable to continue on Donor

Trying to run the FreePBX Distro Conversion Tool from a donor pbx that was originally built using the Digium AsteriskNow installer (but has since been in place upgraded to version to a brand new patched FreePBX version server, I receive the following error:

Skipping module conferencespro (Nothing to convert)
Skipping module configedit (Nothing to convert)
Module contactmanager … contactmanager_groups contactmanager_group_entries contactmanager_entry_numbers contactmanager_entry_images contactmanager_entry_userman_imagesERROR
Unable to continue.
Cleaning up…Done!

The New pbx is stuck on:
[] Donor now sending module ‘contactmanager’, table ‘contactmanager_entry_images’ …

I have not been able to find any posts that suggest where I might get more detail on this error.

This is a known issue, with a work around noted here:

You’re better off now restoring a backup to a new 15 install, it’s more reliable than the conversion script. 15 is the first version that allows legacy restore from previous backups.

Is there a documented procedure for that?

Will this procedure bring my trunks up enabled on the new pbx? The conversion tool supposedly brought them up disabled so there wasn’t a conflict.

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