FreePBX Distro and Fail2Ban

Wanting to configure fail2ban for freepbx distro.
The following files say they are generated by sys admin module:

  • fail2ban.local
  • jail.local

What about:

  • fail2ban.conf
  • jail.conf
  • filter.d/*.conf
  • action.d/*.conf

Can I freely configure the .conf files?
I understand that sysadmin/fail2ban monitors SIP, IAX, GUI, AMI, Mysql and SSH login attempts according to the sysadmin video (I don’t see SIP and mysql anywhere in .local though).
What if I want to add other sevices, such as: proftp, sasl, postfix, local DNS, etc?
Can I configure these manually without interfering with sysadmin or another commercial module, e.g. let’s say the HA module?