FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-13: Is there a way to discover which Commercial modules are installed?

Not sure but, reading old post (especially this one) and referring to <a href=>this FREEPBX-7031 ticket, I suspect I’ve installed a FreePBX Commercial Module unintentionally and now, on a test system (Depolyment was not registered too), I see a lot of:

[2014-Jun-11 16:21:14] [PHP-WARNING] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/ - No license for this product (PBXact) - make sure zend_loader.license_path is properly configured in your ini file!
[2014-Jun-11 16:21:14] [PHP-WARNING] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/ - License check failed!

PHP Warnings filling the freepbx.log.

The system installed was FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-12 (I first reported noticed messages here, installation wasn’t straightforward so this could be an explanation…) and, few minutes ago, it was upgraded to -13 via usual upgrade script.

Above messages were present initially (so this thing is not related to -13 or, probably, to FreePBX Distro at all).

Is there a way to discover which Modules are Commercial (and so require a proper license) and which are not?

If I discover that the system hasn’t any FreePBX Commercial module, should I open a Ticket?

On another FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-13 (Deployment registered) I never seen that messages.

Here the FreePBX Modules installed:

[root@localhost ~]# /usr/local/sbin/amportal a ma list

Fetching FreePBX settings with gen_amp_conf.php…

no repos specified, using: [standard,extended,unsupported,commercial] from last GUI settings

Module Version Status

announcement Enabled
asterisk-cli Enabled
asteriskinfo Enabled
backup Enabled
blacklist Enabled
builtin Enabled
bulkdids Enabled
bulkextensions Enabled
callback Enabled
callforward 2.11.5 Enabled
callrecording Enabled
callwaiting Enabled
campon Enabled
cdr Enabled
cidlookup Enabled
conferences Enabled
core Enabled
customappsreg Enabled
dahdiconfig 2.11.42 Enabled
dashboard Enabled
daynight Enabled
dictate Enabled
directory Enabled
disa Enabled
donotdisturb Enabled
dundicheck Enabled
extensionsettings Enabled
fax Enabled
featurecodeadmin Enabled
findmefollow Enabled
framework Enabled
fw_ari Enabled
fw_langpacks Enabled
iaxsettings Enabled
infoservices Enabled
irc Enabled
isymphony 1.4.8 Enabled
ivr Enabled
javassh Enabled
languages Enabled
logfiles Enabled
manager Enabled
miscapps Enabled
miscdests Enabled
music Enabled
outroutemsg Enabled
paging Enabled
parking Enabled
pbdirectory Enabled
phonebook Enabled
phpagiconf Enabled
phpinfo Enabled
pinsets Enabled
presencestate 2.11.2 Enabled
printextensions Enabled
queueprio Enabled
queues Enabled
recordings Enabled
restart Enabled
ringgroups Enabled
setcid Enabled
sipsettings Enabled
sipstation Enabled
speeddial Enabled
sysadmin Enabled
timeconditions Enabled
userman 2.11.2 Enabled
userpaneltab Enabled
vmblast Enabled
voicemail Enabled
weakpasswords Enabled

These the FreePBX Modules not installed (listonline):

[root@localhost ~]# /usr/local/sbin/amportal a ma listonline|grep "Not Installed" accountcodepreserve Not Installed (Available online: broadcast Not Installed (Available online: callerid Not Installed (Available online: calllimit Not Installed (Available online: conferencespro Not Installed (Available online: cos Not Installed (Available online: 2.11.9) customcontexts Not Installed (Available online: cxpanel Not Installed (Available online: 3.1.2) digium_phones Not Installed (Available online: digiumaddoninstaller Not Installed (Available online: endpoint Not Installed (Available online: endpointman Not Installed (Available online: extensionroutes Not Installed (Available online: faxpro Not Installed (Available online: 2.11.26) freepbx_ha Not Installed (Available online: hotelwakeup Not Installed (Available online: 2.11.3) motif Not Installed (Available online: 2.11.13) pagingpro Not Installed (Available online: parkpro Not Installed (Available online: pinsetspro Not Installed (Available online: queuemetrics Not Installed (Available online: qxact_reports Not Installed (Available online: recording_report Not Installed (Available online: restapi Not Installed (Available online: restapps Not Installed (Available online: sng_mcu Not Installed (Available online: superfecta Not Installed (Available online: 2.11.12) tts Not Installed (Available online: ttsengines Not Installed (Available online: vmnotify Not Installed (Available online: vqplus Not Installed (Available online: webcallback Not Installed (Available online: webrtc Not Installed (Available online: xmpp Not Installed (Available online:


The module is sysadmin, as seen from your path.

I’m blind! …I thought that the “basic” sysadmin (without any add-on) didn’t require a Commercial License! I wrong…I will remove it. Thanks, too tired to discover such an easy thing.

Just a note now that I read the FreePBX System Admin module’s description: “System Administration - COMMERCIAL MODULE REQUIRES A LICENSE FOR PRO FEATURES TO BE ENABLED ABOVE THE INCLUDED FREE FEATURES. Please visit System Administration - provides access to various system administration tools. This module is designed to work with some very specific distributions such as the FreePBX Distro and PBXact. There are dependencies that are not all listed in this module.xml package so the module should not be used except on the distributions that it is designed for.” I thought the System Admin was “free” with basic feature (doesn’t requiring a License) and become “commercial” (requiring a valid License) to only enable specific professional feature…instead is “commercial” in any case even if you aren’t interested in “PRO” features. dot. Another thing is that it appear even if Unsupported/Commercial module are deselected allowing to think it’s not “commercial” in its basic usage. Is it right?

It only requires a license for additional features. But its still a commercial module for the basic features.

It wont appear as a module to install unless you have commercial enabled but its installed in firstboot on all systems by default.

It’s commercially licensed and Free for regular use but commercial for pro usage. That doesnt mean the licensed features arent there, they are there so that when you pay they unlock. This is how it’s always been.

Your “whole” issue is with the notices in your logs. Why don’t you just file a bug about that as everything else is the same as it’s always been

That’s OK, the only not-so-congruent thing I see here (from my point of view), apart from that messages log about which I could just open a Ticket, is more related to FreePBX Module Admin presence in Module Admin list when Commercial repository is unselected, that’s let a blind user like me to discover that that module is Commercial and so that freepbx.log messages have a sense (really, it’s the first time I look at it from this new point of view).

If it’s Commercial it should disappear from list when only Basic/Extended repositories are selected (and it should then appear when Commercial repository is selected)…but you can say (and I will agree) that FreePBX System Admin module is SO basic (in its presence not in its features) that it deserves to be listed no matter which repositories are enabled…moreover, as Tony pointed out below, it’s installed by default during first install and this give the measure of its importance.

I disagree. I disabled it and then I uninstalled it but it appears in Module Admin list as “Not Installed (locally available)” even if “Commercial” repository is unselected.

I have no way to test how a FreePBX Distro behaves without it (from the point of view of its presence/absence into Module Admin list when “Commercial” repository is disabled and it hasn’t been installed yet) from the very first boot since, as you said, it’s installed by default.

Maybe all this is normal…I mean it works as expected and I’m paranoid!