FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-6 (DAHDI 2.11.16): incoming calls STILL show up without first digit (if it's 0)

On a previous thread I reported how incoming calls on my BRI Euro-ISDN line (PtMP) show up without the first digit (leading digit, if this digit is equal to 0).

Now that:

  • I double checked with the TELCO operator which states that the BRI is PtMP multi-number with the main one equals to 0444333695
  • I’m evaluating FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-6 (x64)
  • DAHDI Configuration Module is at 2.11.16 revision.
  • Ticket 6329 has been fixed (issue regarding “nationalprefix”/“internationalprefix” settings on DAHDI Global Settings window).
  • Ticket 6244 has been fixed (issue regarding HFC Cologne Chip based BRI ISDN PCI card’s recognition and the availability of BRI PtP/PtMP Euro-ISDN (E-DSS.1) settings).
  • DAHDI Configuration Module’s configuration procedure was followed by check what tm1000 told me (use only the Web GUI without touching any file).

I’m still having the same issue of beginning (tested yesterday).

I’ve collected some logs on that, as did before.

I’m able to receive incoming calls with the issue reported above AND, on the other hand, I’m not able to complete an outgoing call (no matter how many digits I use to call an external number!). For this last aspect see the logs I reported here.

I checked:

  • the Outbound Route I created,
  • the Trunk that was created automatically DAHDI/g0 (used by Outbound Route I created),
  • the Inbound Route I created,

but I really can’t find what’s wrong.

I’m start thinking that there could be issues on:

  • the Language set on DAHDI Global Settings window (set to English, which can not be modified by now); here I’m not referring to the Tone Region setting which I naturally set to Italy.
  • a doubt regarding “a-Law/u-Law” usage: if I selected Euro-ISDN (which is E-DSS.1 Euro-ISDN standard) I expect that a-Law (used in Europe) is used overall (despite my FreePBX’s GUI is in English); could this be related to the point stated above (Language=English) ? I see log that report Voice Prompt messages played with u-Law standard…

Any idea to clear up my doubts before I open few new Tickets ?

Regards, Davide.

You are seriously starting this thread all over again?

You bet.


This Thread is not “all over again”.

This Thread could be interesting for other users too (now or in the future, at least as a reference).

You should read it carefully, if you care.

If you don’t care simply don’t answer at all and, please, ignore it: you can then spend your free time in a better way by ignoring it and you will be happy.

I’d like to use this occasion to remember you that’s a Forum: AFAIK once users show fairness and respect Forum’ terms and conditions, its use is free both for you and for me.

I think I was polite enough, but you apparently weren’t: in answering in such way you’re dangerous to the Forum itself.

Are you able to understand that?

I’m also starting to understand your personal way of giving answers to some inexperienced/impatient users; have a look, as example, here: seriously aren’t you little bit excessive when you answer a user “If you don’t know the definition of a word, look it up in the dictionary.” …and then you wrote “itterative” instead of “iterative” ?

I’m here, as others, to report my findings (boring or not I don’t care) and I eventually ask for any ideas to push improvements both to my scenario and to FreePBX Distro (or, at least, to a very little part of it).

I’m not here to ask a desperate help.

Was I clear enough?

Regards, Davide.