FreePBX Distro 3.211.63-5 ISO (Bypass) shows as 3.211.63-3 during install process

Hi guys,

just a little note about ISO (at least on the x64 version available since 24/01/2013 here) reported on subject:

During the install process (on the page that prompts us to select which FreePBX and Asterisk combination we want to install) it shows on top:

“Welcome to FreePBX 3.211.63-3 (Bypass)”

instead of (what I think should be the right one):

“Welcome to FreePBX 3.211.63-5 (Bypass)”

I think it’s only a silly typo. Nothing important.

Just to say that during install doubts raised and I asked myself: “Is it possible I downloaded the wrong ISO ?”.

No worries because I can confirm that:

cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version



Regards, Davide.

This has been fixed for the next ISO we generate.

Great Tony. You all are doing a great job!

The Devil (or God…) is in details!

Regards, Davide.