FreePBX Distro 13 to 14

While the upgrade script is still beta , i was thinking of a fresh install of distro 14,but i have some queries.

  1. Do i have to do all the cofiguration manualy (extensions,inbound and outbound routes,trunks,custom destinations , …) or is there a way to import the configuration from a 13 distro backup. ?
    2.What will happen with the distro activation and the commercial modules i have now on my 13 distro ?
    3.What is the savest way to upgrade ? Should i maybe wait for the stable ubgrade script ?
    Thank you
  1. Cannot import from 13 to 14 you would have to remake everything or use the script.
  2. I upgraded and all of the keys/activations followed to 14
  3. I upgraded our test server and the issues I had was with non-distro programs stopping the script, had to remove them. Then I had apache trying to register port 80 twice and a module update issue that they fixed.

Should i maybe wait for the stable ubgrade script ?
Will a stable script come out ?
Too many issues with this beta one.