FreePBX Distro 1.8xx.210.58 Releases-END OF LIFE RELEASE

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Thanks. How is the performance?

BTW. Will the distro install on a 64 bit CPU, e.g. Intel Core i7?

It runs fine on my core2 box. Core i7 supports 32-bit as well.

They are included as part of the upgrade script. FreePBX has not added any support in the GUI to use gtalk or jabber. All we did was compile in the ability with asterisk 1.8 so people could start playing with things and hopefully starting building this into FreePBX 2.10

“…include chan_gtalk, chan_jabber, and res_srtp support. Install iksemel for gtalk and jabber support. Upgrade app_flite to work with the latest Asterisk RPM’s”

Sorry about my ignorance but where is all that stuff? I don’t see any menu option or new module to use gtalk, jabber, flite, etc …

dcitelecom - DO you know how to use yum, the standard package manager?

No GUI interface is provided for yum.

Ok so the distro only install support for these features and we still need to use Yum update to install the packages. Fine.

I must have misunderstood the upgrade instructions. Seems to me it said the modules are installed as part of the distro upgrade.

yes you can run it from any directory. Yes most of the time you will need to make it executable. I tell the script to be when I save it but usually when you wget something it resets the permissions.

Do I need to run all the scripts in sequence to get up-to-date? Would you update your initial post for clarification?

Yes install one at a time starting with the first one after whatever version you currently have.

Silly question- Can the script run from any directory? And does one need to make the script executable (‘chmod +x’ , then ‘./’), or can it simply be run via ‘sh’?


your input is very much appreciated.

The reason why I spoke up about not making such changes is that our Distro is taking a very different approach to most of the other FreePBX based Distro’s that others like yourself may have encountered.

As is the case for all the Distro’s, they are basically a means to install FreePBX + Asterisk and then come with their various other bits and pieces that give them their individual personalities and values. However, in most of the other cases, they have gone off in their own direction instead of staying aligned with the FreePBX+Asterisk bread and butter that makes them what they are. As a result, people have had to circumvent some of their systems and do end arounds to get things working properly.

Since this Distro is part of the project, the intention is to finally deliver a Distro that is completely inline with the core of why you are installing it in the first place. As a result, when you guys find that we are doing something wrong, it will do both you and everyone else much more good to speak up / file tickets so that we make the proper corrections and you don’t have to start ‘short circuiting’ you system which would ultimately most likely lead to things not going right down the road.

The issue that was brought up here was a perfect example. The RPM in question was installing all the FreePBX modules with the use of the CLI version of ‘module_admin installall’ command which resulted in everything present in all repo’s it was pointed at being installed. This was of course an issue for multiple reasons, one, we want to only updated the modules that have been chosen to be part of the distro in the rpm at initial boot and secondly, once installed, we don’t want to be force installing or updating new modules onto your system that you haven’t gone to Module Admin to do yourself. In the end, it was a simple oversight where it was suppose to be doing an ‘updateall’ instead, the first time around thus being limited to what was on the system.

Anyhow, for now all the feedback and suggestions have been fantastic so keep it up!

Yes. I agree. I know this is in beta (and very good functionality for a beta!), just pointing out how it was addressed elsewhere in case it helps with a proper solution here.

Yes Philippe is 100% correct and moving forward all FreePBX modules.

The issue you run into is the FreePBX RPM is jsut there to get FreePBX Installed. At the time of building the RPM we include all the most current FreePBX Modules in the RPM.

You than go upgrade modules at a later point using module admin but than decide to install later on a newer FreePBX RPM than you had originally most likely you will be installing older modules than what you have on your system since we dont do new FreePBX RPM’s each time modules get updated.

FreePBX will not be updated by the distro rpm’s once things are ironed out.

The distro is in beta so some of the things encountered are simply a result of the beta test process.

FreePBX Module Admin is the means to upgrade FreePBX by the project and thus for the Distro as well which is part of the project.

So … I would suggest that you don’t start editing files like yum.conf as you will end distorting the process. Other distros take other approaches and it’s one of the reasons we created this Distro, so that it is completely lined up with FreePBX being the same project.

back to yum update. The question is “do we need to run yum update” to stay current with this distro (security fixes, etc…) or do the freepbx updates take care of this?

I tried it and it only updated some FreePBX 2.9 stuff (that I don’t remember, sorry) and in fact it did mess up the system. I ran again the distro update and now the system is back to normal.

I am using one of the other distros with freepbx. I added the following line to /etc/yum.conf


That way, yum would update all the OS stuff (and asterisk in this case) but freepbx would be upgraded within freepbx module manager.

New modules should be listed available in module admin (could be a “NEW modules” section) but unless they are required they should not be automatically installed. That’s just my opinion. Even FreePBX does not install all modules by default when upgrading from say version 2.7 to 2.8.

Ok well we will wait for more feedback on that issue before making a decision.