FreePBX Distro 1.10xx.210.62 Releases-END OF LIFE RELEASE

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.58 in the links…

Is it likely that this Beta with CentOS 6.2 will become a stable release?
And what would be the reason that the Distro with CenOS 6.2 is a beta? Is CentOS 6.2 not reliable yet? Asterisk 10.7 and FreePbx 2.10 is the same as stable releases.

Its because I do not trust Centos 6.x or Asterisk 10 yet but mainly because of the Centos 6.x

Ok that is clear.
I am running a billing system with asterisk 1.8.x and CentOS 6.2 now for some months without any troubles. What would be the maijn concern? Stability or security? Not that I boot a PBX or system often, but Centos 6.2 is booting blazing fast compared to Centos 5.x.
I wil test this latest Beta full and I will run it as out main company PBX. I will let you know if I find any problems.

Yes we just need more time. I see little things with 6.x in the paid support each week that we just cant explain.

Should I look or pay attention for a specific problem, like security or unstable?
I would be glad to help if I test this lates beta.

I am wondering if the version 1.1007.210.62 is looking better and any idea when it might become stable?

I am using now for a number of customers and the past month it never let me down. A reboot happens within 40 seconds, customers don’t even notice.
The Gui v 2.10 is the same, only I adjusted it to a more logical layout with freepbx_menu.conf.
If you want I can send you my adjusted layout. You can also see the Demo at
login name and pasword: demo

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Is this the way in the Netherlands?

Thanks for the information

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Excuse me, I did not noticed it.

I’m trying to upgrade a FreePBX Distro 1.1004.210.62-1 system to the latest version, as per the instructions above.

However, the second link ( gives back a 404 NOT FOUND!

I haven’t risked running the 10.7 upgrade script yet, as you state that all upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order.

Please help!

i get this error on a fresh install some firstboot error occurred run /etc/


[FATAL] Unable to connect to Asterisk Manager from /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retrieve_conf, aborting

What version of the Distro are you seeing that on

I have reinstalled Stable-1.1009.210.62 and now work but when i try to restore from a previous version ( 1.817.210.58 ) web manager not responding and get a blank page. How can i get the same configuration on new server?


this version Stable-1.1009.210.62

32 or 64 bit



Does firstboot finish running. It always finishes for me