FreePBX Distro 1.10xx.210.58 Releases-END OF LIFE RELEASE

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Anyone tried this with a fax machine at both endpoints? Asterisk 10 is supposed to support it.

We installed the FreePBX-1.1006.210.58-x86_64-Full-1343759582.iso onto a new box. The only thing done in the Admin gui is setting the password. Upon examination of the Modules, we have noted the FreePBX Framework modules are disabled. (?) Is this intentional?


Hi, i have a freepbx server with the latest FreePBX Distro 1.10xx.210.58 Releases-NO LONGER SUPPORTED

there is an how to for upgrade to FreePBX Distro 1.10xx.210.62 Releases-STABLE RELEASES


You can not. Centos and Redhat in all there wisdom made such deep changes between EL5 and El6 that there is no upgrade path between them. It takes a reinstall and use the FreePBX backup and restore module.

ok, thank you for fast reply.

i have just upgrade to the latest version 1.10xx.210.58 by the latest script 1.1009.210.58/upgrade-1.1009.21… but inthe web managment i see Asterisk (Ver. Summary by console i see 1.1009.210.58-1 why?


No clue that tells me you are not on the 1.10xx.210.58 release as Asterisk 1.8 is not part of that release or in those Repos and it would never be able to downgrade with yum to 1.8

my previous version was and i have upgrade to lates version on this post 1.1009.210.58 with the script … but the version not corresponding by web manager asterisk info and the console …

Each track of the Distro does not have upgrade paths to other tracks. So the 1.8xx.210.58 track only allows you to upgrade in that track. You can not go to 1.10xx.210.58 or any other track.

ok, i have take the wrong script, but there are no limitations in the script. if you try to install 1.10 over 1.18, installation end up without error.

I’m moving from 1.818.210.58 to 1.1010.210.62 and restoring the config db doesn’t work properly. Data for the voicemail fields are not populated as they were in the 1.818.210.58 version. Consequently, I get tons of “Bad destination” errors because voicemail is no longer setup correctly. I’m quessing the database structure changed due to the addition of the iSymphony fields, thus the data gets a little mangled. This also makes me wander if any other data elements are out of place, since I’m also having another wierd problem with the new version (already posted on another thread).

What do you suggest?

Thank you.


No the issue is voicemail settings are not stored in the database. You need to include configs with your backup.

Thanks for the quick response.

So, my theory is wrong; however, I did actually do a full backup and a full restore.


I’m taking another look at my backup routine and settings.

I have selected the “Config server” and “CDR server” MySQL options, the “ASTSPOOLDIR/voicemail” directory, “/etc/freepbx.conf” file, ASTETCDIR directory and the Asterisk DB (as well as others not directly related to VM).

Am I missing something?

I appreciate your attention to this, Tony.