FreePBX Distro 1.1002.210.57-1 BETA with Asterisk 10.2

We have a very early Beta Distro that includes FreePBX 2.10, Centos 5.7 and Asterisk 10 for those who would like to play with it. You can download them from the link below.

Please remember this is very early Beta and the only testing I have done is to make sure everything installs and that asterisk is running.

Download FreePBX Distro FreePBX Distro 32 Bit

Download FreePBX Distro FreePBX Distro 64 Bit

Hi Tony,
Thanks for your great work on this. Are there any plans to include CentOS 6.x (6.2) in one of the future Beta / Release versions?

Yes at some point but 6.2 has just been really buggy and I hate to introduce even more drastic changes. 5.7 has been rock solid. The other reason is tell I get the upgrade path between 5.7 and 6.2 working well I will not release a 6.2 version. We pride ourselves in providing upgrade paths between all versions and going between Centos 5.7 and 6.2 has no upgrade path so we built one but just have not had time to wrap it 100% up.

Tony, this is great work.
Is their an upgrade script that can be run to upgrade a current distro to the beta?

Also, since this has Asterisk 10, are their plans to create a t.38 gateway module?

Why would you need a T38 Gateway Module. Not sure why a module would be needed for this

You are correct, it was late when i wrote that. There really just needs to be a place in the GUI to enable it. I guess Advanced Settings is a good place for this?

I have published new 10.3 RPMs. You can grab a upgrade script from here.

I will get new ISOs out next week for this since we plan on going live soon with the new Full ISOs anyways.

Will you have 2 Distros up? 1.8 and 10? Or the FreePBX distro will be update to Asterisk 10?

Esarant, please read the whole thread. This is concerning a beta release.

I was referring to the:

I know its still beta but I assumed that Tony meant that it will go out of beta and it will go live(aka non-beta) with the asterisk 10. I suppose now that he really means that he will have beta Full ISO’s of Asterisk 10.

We already have 2 versions up. a 1.8 and a 10 version

I can see how that was confusing.

Currently both our beta’s and production are net-installers. Efforts are underway to produce an ISO containing all files necessary to install, not just the bootstrap.

This is a very early beta. Asterisk 10 itself will not be out of beta until fall.

Have these iso’s been taken down? Are there more current ones available? If so, where?

Kind Regards,