FreePBX dial plan to add 0044 and remove first zero (UK-BT)

I’m having a problem setting up a simple dialplan. What I want to do is dial eg 01234 5551234 and then have FreePBX dial out via a SPA3102 to BT(UK)line 08444520505 -delay- 0044 1234 5551234# The number 0844 452 05 05 ‘only’ charge half pence per minute(+bt setup fee!)

One way would be to mangle your outbound route to strip the 0 and add

D 08444520505www0044

to your outbound dial options. You can also do the same thing in the 3102 dialstring manipulation.

Hello, Do you mean in the dial patterns section of outbound routes ?


Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options

in the advanced settings of FreePBX 2.11 elsewhere in some earlier versions

Got it, it’s under settings, advanced settings in my version
Asterisk 11.5.0 FreePBX running on Raspberry PI (RasPBX)
This would fix all trunks the same way ?, really I wanted to do this on one trunk and apply a time group so it only goes via thi route during the daytime.

It would indeed fix all trunks that way, you are left with researching the inbuilt methods of the 3102 to do the same thing then.

(or override the dialplan for that trunk to add that in its dial command, but I would fix the SPA for elegance)

That’s what I’m thinking, it can get really messy otherwise. I don’t actually have the 3102 yet I’m getting it soon (form ebay) so not really looked into configuring it.