Freepbx deployment

Hello everyone,

I’m new into this and i have been tasked to get a system up and running :slight_smile:

this system should support voip sip trunking with our provider and should be able to have a local-breakout (like analog/pstn).
i would like to purchase the appliance, but a bit confuse over which product to select…

Any help would be appreciated.


Talk with sales, they can help you with that.

You can waste a lot of time with us trying to get pre-sales support, since many of us have opinions about this and not all of the opinions are going to lead you to a story of success. @PitzKey is right - the fastest and most efficient way to get this going is to just call the Sales line (or use the on-line chat, IIRC) and get your issues resolved quickly and easily. There’s even some support built in if you run into any issues when you buy the appliance, so you get the best of both worlds. We [the user community] are still here to help if you run into something that you don’t understand.

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thank you guys, I will give them a call.
have a nice day

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