Freepbx dashboard works, but no phones

Hi, we are having this problem:

Everytime when our outgoing line is down our local phone network stop working. Phones stops communicating with Freepbx and obviously cannot make calls.

Is there something we need to change to keep our phones working besides the outgoing line is dropped?

Thanks in advance.

Chan-SIP or PJ-SIP? Chan-SIP will give up after a period of time and all you can do to restart is basically restart the server. PJ-SIP, on the other hand, should keep trying. I may be wrong, but I kind of remember it working like that.

The phones stopping working is a different problem. If you are using Chan-SIP and the system loses DNS, the Chan-SIP port will eventually lock up, knocking everyone out. If you are using PJ-SIP, that shouldn’t happen, but obviously you aren’t going to be able to call anyone but local phones if the trunk is down.

Is the “outgoing line” mean your outgoing phone trunk? Is your outgoing phone trunk over your internet connection or via a POTS or ISDN line (or some other network-based method)? I’m assuming your outgoing line is over the internet…

If your phones are on the same LAN as the PBX, you should not lose the connectivity between the phones and the pbx as long as the PBX hardware is up, network is still up, asterisk is still running, etc.
Could it be your networking is having trouble that you are not aware of? i.e. if using some integrated unit for the router/network switch - maybe losing the outgoing line is actually a sign that the router is going down or some such?

How do you know the outgoing line is going down if your phones also are not working?

Hi Nielsen, thanks for your response.
We’ve contact our ISP and they confirm the outgoing line is down.

We are using VLAN for phone network and we are using Watchguard as a firewall and to manage the VLANs

I think it’s a DNS problem, but i don’t know why the phones loses connectivity if i have DNS local server here.

OK, so by outgoing line, you mean your internet link.
You can test the DNS theory by setting one of your phones to use only IP addresses instead of hostnames, if that phone has no trouble then you are correct about the DNS issue.
If you are using hostnames in the phone config, is the local DNS server authoritative for the domain? If not, I would check on the setup to see if the DNS server is caching DNS results for when the internet is down.

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