Freepbx-cron-scheduler.php [Fatal] XML Error: Mismatched tag

Hi, both my trixbox’s have been working fine for ages and suddenly both are emailing me with the error

[Fatal] XML Error: Mismatched tag at line 14.

When I look at the pbx status I have a message on both that say

’ Cronmanager encountered 1 Errors
The following commands failed with the listed error
/var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin listonline (1)
Added 56 minutes ago
(cron_manager.EXECFAIL) ’

Below are the first few lines of freepbx-cron-scheduler.php but I don’t understand what is wrong - does anybody know? I’m a fairly novice user with trixbox etc. but have managed to set up both trixbox’s fine and they’ve been working fine for sometime - I just can’t understand why both would do the same.

Kind regards

#!/usr/bin/php -q

<?php define("AMP_CONF", "/etc/amportal.conf"); $amportalconf = AMP_CONF; // Emulate gettext extension functions if gettext is not available if (!function_exists('_')) { function _($str) { return $str; } } function out($text) { //echo $text."\n"; } function outn($text) { //echo $text; } function error($text) { echo "[ERROR] ".$text."\n"; } function fatal($text, $extended_text="", $type="FATAL") { global $db; echo "[$type] ".$text." ".$extended_text."\n"; if(!DB::isError($db)) { $nt = notifications::create($db); $nt->add_critical('cron_manager', $type, $text, $extended_text); } exit(1); } Many thanks in advance

If you are running trixbox 2.6 or 2.8 you should blame fonality, the company that owns trixbox as those versions of trixbox runs a “forked” version of FreePBX. And that “forked” version check its modules from a server at

I see! Does that mean that I’m more or less stuck with the issue! I am indeed running 2.6.

Does the error relate to a problem or a warning about a module version?

Many thanks for your reply.

Your guess is mine. I actually don’t know.