Freepbx crashing network, 128gb of upload but only 10.1mb of download

I have a fresh install of Freepbx and Asterisk 13.19.1. For some reason it has a ton of upload bandwidth usage and seems to essentially DDOS my network – in the last 24 hours it uploaded 128gb of data but only downloaded 10.1mb.

I use Twilio as my SIP trunk, which is on port 5060. The server log shows a lot of random bots trying to brute force an extension registration, but I have anonymous registration turned off so they are being denied. It doesn’t always seem to correlate with when Freepbx uploads large amounts of data however. Is it still perhaps related or is something else the issue?

Run tcpdump for a few minutes, then move the capture file to your workstation and use Wireshark to see what service is being accessed and where the traffic is going.

If I had to guess, the GUI is open to the outside world and hackers are trying to brute-force the admin password.

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