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Freepbx crashed after power failure

(Kashif Iqbal) #1

Hi all,

One of our telecom servers recent shut down unexpectedly due to power failure. After that when we power it ON, it gives this error: and doesn’t proceed further. Can anyone help us with this? I am not a Linux expert and don’t know how to resolve this issue? Do I have to do fresh installation?


Your grub is hosed, probably the boot directory, this is VERY hard for a non expert and quite hard for an expert to fix

There are a couple of linux rescue iso’s out there, that can recover a broken /boot and mbr, but you still need quite some linux smarts to use.

I would estore from your last good backup to a recreated machine of the same generation , if your backups are only on that harddrive, boot a live linux iso , mount the broken hdd and save the backups off somewhere.