FreePBX Controlling Remote Asterisk?


Does anyone know if hosting FreePBX remotely from the asterisk instance is possible?

Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t look like it; this is an inherently bad idea.

I would think it would be very difficult to host FreePBX and asterisk on separate servers and would agree a very bad idea,
Why would you want to do that?

Sorry to open up an old issue but I can see an advantage for this. On very large distributions, you could have a single pane of glass for management and split up the actual phone system functionality from the management of said phone systems.

FreePBX & Mysql on management server (configs copied to below asterisk servers and asterisk reloaded).
Asterisk server 1 with 500 stations at one site managed by above server.
Asterisk server 2 with 500 stations at another site, and so on.

This would allow for scalability with a single management point.

Also if the database and gui were utilizing too many resources asterisk would not be impacted until you did the reload to load the new configs.

Just a thought.

What got me thinking about this is we have a deployment with over 700 phones and have noticed that weird things happen when we do an apply config. Phones lagg, go unreachable then reachable after a few seconds, etc. Also the system resource appear to be pretty busy and a top shows the php and mysql are draining a good portion of the cpu.

Not possible. Most of FreePBX is designed around it all on the same box. Sorry.

Secondly things like VoicemIl on two different boxes would never let you do things like forward a VM from 1 user to another and then all the dialing and queue members and everything. Would be nice but take a major rehaul of FreePBX from the ground up.

Lastly what would be more feasible is a proper EMS system that gave you single glass to manage different PBXs and ability to drive into each PBX from a single GUI and have central backups, CDRs and monitoring which is where we want to take Sangoma RMS to someday.

Thanks for the reply Tony. It was just an idea.