FreePBX Console Hanging

When I login to my FreePBX console it will not load the FreePBX Administration page. I click on FreePBX Administration and it just hangs there circling and circling. If I click on the Voicemail & Recordings ARI, it loads. It loads slower than normal, but it does load.

This started happening after I started a backup job. I’m worried the backup job has screwed something up.

I am running Asterisk 11 with FreePBX 2.11

Please advise. Thanks!

I should add that I can SSH into the server as well as browse folders use WinSCP. I’m assuming it is something with the web server, but I have started and restarted the service as well as the entire box to no avail.

Looks like it was a temporary thing. It’s been about 4 hours since this happened and now it is working OK again.

You probably got banned for entering the password wrong too many times. That’s what intrusion detection in our distro does.

Ah, I see. The backup took a very long time to run too. I wonder if that had anything to do with it. In any case, it is back now. Thanks.