FreePBX Connections not showing right status

hi guys

i’m sorry if someone has already posted a similar topic, but i couldn’t find anything related!

i just ran a new instalation of freepbx 2.9 beta 2.3 + asterisk 1.8.3, everything was smooth, got all my trunks and routes working, but what’s happening to me is that om my FreePBX Connections it doesn’t show the right number of IP PHONES online.

say for instance i connect my extention 101 on my cell phone, and after a while i disconects it still shows as conected, so sometimes even though i only have 4 devices conected, it shows i have 7 IP PHONES online.

i’ve already checked everything i could on


and on my FOP, it’s just stale, it doesn’t blink nor shows when a phone is conected or shows when a trunk/extention is in use!

could anyone help?