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I am new to setting up FreePBX and have been trawling through the forums looking for some help with an error that I am getting. Inbound and outbound calls are working fine BUT calls to some 3rd party client IVR systems result in the call not triggering their IVR. The result is a call that has to be dropped.

I have seen in the FreePBX configuration, “somewhere”, a setting which alluded to improving compatibility with this, but I have not been able relocate and to find a solution.

Thanks for any help

There’s two common reasons why FreePBX (asterisk) will drop calls: codec or RTP issues.

Please grab a call trace, and post a pastebin link, see instructions:

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Hi, extract of the log below. Important to not that the call auto disconnects after 30 secs or so.

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Sorry all, found problem - Codec issue in Zioper :frowning:

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