FreePBX Config in UAE


Need to configure the FreePBX server with Dinstar UC2000-VE gateway with du SIM Card

as per the configuration the Trunk configured with Dinstar Gateway is showing online, unable to make the calls from the freepbx server.

can someone help me with the Outbound routes for UAE in UAE

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I cannot address issues with the Dinstar and I do not know what digits the mobile carrier is looking for. I can provide you a basic dial plan for the PBX that may assist you. This is based on the UAE published telephone numbering plan published here: Telephone numbers in the United Arab Emirates - Wikipedia

The attached image would be the dial plan for your outbound route. If you dial an access code such as “9” to reach an outside line, you would put the digit in the prefix field so that it is stripped out of the number that is sent to your carrier.

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