Freepbx conference music on hold is not playing for Admin if Leader Wait is set to "Yes"

Hi all,

In my Freepbx conference, I set Leader wait to “Yes”. When the admin join the conference after pressing admin pin, it says ‘Thank you’ and goes silent until other user join with user pin. I did set “Music On Hold” 'Yes" and also chose 'Music On Hold Class".

However, it works if the user join the conference before the admin, the user can hear the music_on_hold. Also, If I set ‘No’ to Leader Wait, the music_on_hold works for admin even though he is the first to join the conference.

My question is ‘is it possible to play music_on_hold for admin while waiting for other user to join even the "Leader wait’ set to “Yes” ? That will help admin to make sure he is still connected to the conference.

Thank advance

Your description of the system’s actions does not violate the rule of “least astonishment” for me.

Once the leader is active in the conference, he is no longer on hold - the conference (even if he’s the only one there) is live.

The other cases also make sense. Since there is no conference leader, the first person is “on hold” until someone else joins the conference.

Now, having said that, if you are thinking “Yeah, but that’s not what I want it to do.” you need to file a Feature Request in the “Issues” area at the top of the screen.

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