FreePBX Commercial Modules are now supported on PBXiaF

W are pleased to announce that we have worked with the PBXiaF development team to add support for the FreePBX Commercial Modules to work with the PBXiaF systems. While our basic testing shows everything installs and works their may be bugs that we will have to resolve on individual modules. If any bugs are reported we will resolve them as they get reported and roll updated modules with the fixes into FreePBX Commercial repos.

The Commercial modules only work with the Centos 6.2 based ISO and require you to have FreePBX 2.10 or newer.

For existing systems you will need to do to install 2 RPM’s for the Modules to install. Starting next week these packages will automaticalyl be installed on new system I am told.

yum --enablerepo=piaf6 install php-zend-guard* sysadmin

Once those packages have been installed you will be able to install any of the Commercial Modules from the Commercial Repo in the FreePBX Module Admin section of your FreePBX GUI.

To learn more about available Commercial Modules and pricing please visit

Lastly when you create a deployment to register your commercial modules to it is Important to pick PBXiaF as the type because a portion of all Commercial Modules sales for PBXiaF systems go back to the PBXiaF development team