FreePBX Click to Call Feature (Web CallMe)

Hey Friends, anyone have any experience using the “Click to Call” module for FreePBX? Please note that I’m not referring to “click on a link to dial”, but rather, a pop-up dialog box asking where you would like to be called at, which then dials and merges multiple calls?

To which exact FreePBX “Click to Call” module are you referring to ?

It’s literally called “Click to Call”. Check available modules… It sells for about 60 dollars

Here is a relevant thread

Is this what you’re asking about:

Yeah, that’s exactly it… Do you have working knowledge??

I would say I do, yes.


lmao @lgaetz from your syntax there, did you Create that module? :stuck_out_tongue:

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cool… I’ve added you on Twitter :slight_smile:

Eh, why not continue the conversation here?

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Was going to wait until I had actually purchased and setup the module.

Don’t waste your money. It doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work or you don’t have things configured properly?

This was 4 years ago. I tried to get support from this forum. wiki was nothing more than a sales brochure. zero instructions and dependancies required to make it work. Wasted money. We never implemented it.

I’m getting the same thing from Twilio… That’s why I am asking before buying.

Igaetz, any truth in the comments below?

All commercial modules come with free support for bugs. It worked fine the last time I tested, and I’m not aware of anything being escalated from support.

are there any working examples out there?

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