FreePBX clashes with Nextcloud

I have Nextcloud (mariadb + Caddy + php7.3) in my Raspberry Pi. After installing Freepbx (php7.3 + Apache2 + mariadb + Asterisk), I can no longer log in to my Nextcloud. Any ideas what FreePBX changed during installation?

Yeah, FreePBX wants to own the box. It wants to control aspects like mysql, apache and needs root access to do things. You’re going to install other things on the system with FreePBX you need to make them all play nice which will require some leg work on your side.

You can look through the install scripts here:

As far as nextcloud, you should look through logs to see why you can’t log in. FreePBX isn’t going to be touching its databases. It might have updated your apache2 config in a way that interferes.

As stated, FreePBX assumes it owns the box and does not play well with others.

Best option is to install into an nspawn/lxd/docker/etc container using macvlan or bridged networking so the container has its own exposed IP.

Thanks folks. I have decided to switch to FreeSwitch + FusionPBX.

I can think of worse reasons to choose your PBX platform than “alternative didn’t coexist with Nextcloud on first install attempt” … but not many.

Anyway, I don’t think there’s as much voodoo around this as is intimated. Is it wise to run a combo PBX + other-stuff server? Not really, because realtime communications have certain resource needs compared to say file storage or database servers.

The installer has a lot of options that allow you to set things like the database instance, the database name, the install location, the user/group, and more. If your nextcloud stuff was in /var/www/html/admin, which is where FreePBX prefers, you can install FreePBX on a different webroot. You just need to read the help screen and set the install options or go through the install wizard without telling it to use all defaults.


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