Freepbx + chat

All I’m trying to do is get sms/IM/txt/chat to work on Bria or Zoiper softphones but I have been unsuccessful in putting together an elegant solution.

Yes, XMPP (by adding two accounts into the phone, one for SIP and one for XMPP) works but on a different extensions! I need calls and txt to work on a single extension. Why was this overlooked in development? If UCP is getting in the way of me creating an user that’s the same as an extension how do I fix it? I don’t need UCP login features!

Maybe simpler is to get SIP SIMPLE to work? How would I do that? Is there a module?

Lastly, if FreePBX can’t give me what I need, what other distro or pbx can I implement paid or unpaid that has a slick integrated android/ios app?

What you want is zulu

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Zulu doesn’t exist on an android and ios softphone.

Not yet, but it’s in the works

I need something right now that works.

Change the extension linked user to the one that’s using the XMPP. Should do.

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