Freepbx CDR is blank after i link asteriskcdrdb to external server

hi there
I’m using freepbx 12

i followed
to host asteriskcdrdb on external server and its fine

but when i go to freepbx cdr i see blank reports

is there a way to tell freepbx cdr to point records from remote mysql server ?


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Add CDR MySQL details to Settings, Advanced Settings.

already did that and it worked on remote DB

my question is why the cdr is blank now ?

any help ?

have you logged onto mysql on the remote db and checked the records are getting written.

also check httpd logs to see if that shows any hints

Make sure the remote database allows the asteriskcdrdb user has write permissions to the database based on the host address (or from the “%” host).

yes the notifications are being sent to the remote DB and logged in the CDR table

the problem is only from the GUI CDR reports , its not viewing the remote DB items

no errors in httpd access log or mysql log


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the db has full permission to the user

Im not sure that the remote DB settings in Freepbx do more than set teh DB to be written to a remote location , not sure and not looked to see if tehy change the GUI location


Is there anythink new to this topic? Iam at the exact same problem. All permissions are set correctly and FreePBX is logging the cdrs into the external database. But when it comes to the cdr-report in the FreePBX-GUI - the report is just blank.

Any ideas?


You are probably better off just adding a new cdr 'backend ’ to the cdr setup ( not possible from the GUI)

That way there can be no arguing about who gets ehat

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