FreePBX : CDR empty


Our FreePBX deployment has been around for 8 years.
We don’t usually check the CDR reports. Today, we did.
For some reason, it is empty - meaning that no data gets returned when use the default time range. So we put a CallerID of a number we know called in. Nothing.

Can someone else tell what is wrong or get some steps to troubleshoot?

In Advanced settings, do you have Enable CDR Logging set to ON?

Also, did you try to just hit SEARCH without typing a number or any other search parameters? This should display all calls without a filter.
I know sometimes when I try to search for a number, I get no results. It’s usually because I’ve left off the preceding 1, such as 15555555555.

If yes to both of those, have you made any DB changes? CDR data is stored in the freepbx MySQL Database. Do some research on accessing the DB and see if you get any data by actually going into the DB.

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