FreePBX can't see extensions real IP

(Spaxton) #21

Hello Friend,

I see this router was provided by Your ISP. I suggest You set it to act as a bridge for internet and buy mikrotik or ubiquiti router. If You need my help, I will gladly assist You…

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(Rohit Gupta) #22

@Spaxton, thanks for the kind offer to assist and the suggestions. I will keep this thread informed about any progress we make.

(Spaxton) #23

No problem. If You need my help, just ping me here.

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I have the same issue with grandstream gxp1615 , not sending the public IP. any idea ?

(Rohit Gupta) #25

The issue in our case was identified as a faulty router that was not doing the Source NATing correctly. It actually turned out be not just a faulty router but that brand and make of Aztech router has this flaw and no way to correct it. Changing the router sorted the problem. It was not that the IP phone or remote softphone was not sending its WAN IP - the router was handling it incorrectly. You may want to check the same by sniffing the incoming packets first.