FreePBX can only 'see' a line if it is connected at startup

Hi Everyone

My first post, so if I get some of the terminology wrong, please don’t shoot me too much -)

OK, I have a fully functional FreePBX system, works a treat, however I have run into a strange anomaly:

The system has 4 FXO ports. If the inbound line is not connected when the server boots and connected later, the only way to get FreePBX to recognize there is something plugged in is to restart the server.

Or put it another way:
On server startup, it must detect the presence of the line, if it is connected then OK, the line can be used.
If the line is plugged in after the server has booted, then nada, FreePBX does not recognize the line is there.
It is also the case if a line is unplugged and reconnected later.

It is almost like if it sees nothing on the FXO port it switches the port off.

So question, is there a way to stop this detection?

Try running

service dahdi reload

instead f rebooting.

Hi tadpole

Cheers for the very quick response, i was after switching off the check completely / port shutdown.

Reason, i have two gsm gateways and if they were to loose power … They may not come back up without the service reload.
I like to put in systems that require no maintenance and consider this a risk on an unattended restart or power fluctuation.



I think it might be a problem if you lose an incoming POTS line, and the system doesn’t lock it out, the system might try to use it for outgoing calls. As a caveat, I’ve never seen this behavior on my system. Although I use PRI for my PSTN connection, I do have 4 POTS lines that are used for special purposes. I just went to the equipment and pulled the RJ11 and the line locked out. Replugged the RJ11 and the line came back up. From the way it behaved, I believe the card is detecting battery on the line, which is nominally 48 volts.

Just a guess, but I’d say the problem is more with your FXO device than with asterisk or FreePBX. A further guess is that the GSM gateway is delivering battery that is below or right at the limit for the card to detect it. I’d look at the specs of the card and and see what battery voltage it is expecting, then look at the gateway to see what it is delivering. Depending on what FXO device you have, there may be settings that you can alter to make the two match up.


Hi Bill

Gives me something to investigate … thank you.