Freepbx - calls flow


is there a diagram wich explain detailed how the calls can be routed in the different contexts in freepbx?

thanks in advance

No there is not -

Is there a particular context you are interested in?

The main contexts you should be using are:

from-internal: The internal dial plan containing extensions, outbound routes, ring groups etc. Extensions and inter-system trunks should be in this context

from-pstn: This context routes calls to the inbound routes module

from-dahdi: This context routes calls to the Zap/DAHDI DID module then to inbound routes.

There are a few additional contexts that allow you to hook custom code and fix e.164 format DNIS strings.

yes but i mean when you park a call or when you transfer, like a packet flow for linux

I don’t know what a “packet flow for Linux” is, are you talking about tcpdump?

From the asterisk cli you can view any element of the dial plan.

For instance:

“dialplan show” dumps the entire DP>

“dialplan show [email protected]” will dump the dialplan for when a peer in the from-internal context dials 555.

Does this make sense?

ok really good, yes because im going to use blf to monitor sip trunks and i will have to do it manually