FreePBX CallerID inbound route

Hi all,

We’re attempting to set up FreePBX to look at our CRM to pull callerID info to the phone screens. We use a product called RepairShopr that has an incorporated API for doing so. It essentially uses the HTTP address and credentials for pulling from the CRM - this portion is all set up and correct.

My issue (I’m assuming) comes with the inbound route. I’ve set the current inbound route to use the new lookup source in the “Other” tab and nothing is being pulled from the CRM as a lookup source. I’ve rebooted the PBX & after submitting the changes and it still remains an issue.

Is there something I’m missing? If more info is needed to help let me know.

I know this is really old, but did you figure this out?

[Solved] In my case I had to enable CallerID Superfecta under Admin.

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