FreePBX call forward outbound call


I have on ext 1111 set call forward to my cell phone. First ring extension, then on my cell phone I see number of person calling me not the external number of extension 1111. Is there a way to change this?

1111 uses 800-333-9999 and for example I call from 888-333-4900 , forwarding on the ext 1111 is set to 2025556666 so on my cell 2025556666 I see 888-333-4900 instead of 800-333-9999

is there a way to see 800-333-9999 ?

If you’re using follow me you can changed the caller ID to a Fixed CID Value and type in the number you wish to see. By default it will send the original caller ID through.

I see, what about ring group with only external cell phone numbers? I see Fixed CID value but its grayed out ,…

You have to change the “Mode” dropdown to “Fixed CID Value” in order to type a number into the field.

ahhhh I see … Thank you so much !!! You are the best

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