Freepbx call flow

Hey all, I had a quick quick question about configuring the call flow in Freepbx. Calls will come into an IVR and will go to ring group once a particular option is pushed. I was thinking after X seconds of no answer (everyone is on the phone) they go into a parking lot so when someone is available they can pick up the line.

Would this be the best way to approach this? Essentially, the people calling in would need to be “on hold”. I’m using the base version with no premium modules. Thanks for your input!

Is there some reason not to just leave them queueing on the ring group, or use a queue, so that once someone becomes available their phone will ring and they will be picked up? If you bump them to parking lot, no one may even know they are there.

The thought was the have Lot 1, 2 and, 3 have BLF fields on the programmed buttons. No real reason not to have a queue, just digging for others opinions on how others would implement this. I haven’t designed a lot of PBXs and have plenty to learn. Thanks!.