FreePBX busy without calls

Hi Everyone, after i had some problems with my PBX some time ago, i realized that my problem came from some update over the GUI, since them the System was working well until a strange behavior appeared this week.

Some times the System gives a busy line back even if no one is talking on this moment i checked it twice on the GUI no channel was in use, it disappears after some Minutes one i needed to reboot the system and everything was ok, but i don’t understand why that is happening.

I would be really thankful for any suggestion

Here a Log of the last successful Call and the Busy state after that


The call to the extension is answered. The call to the trunk is giving unavailable, not busy. Typically that means that the registration failed, or there have been qualify failures.

Hi @david55 so you mean it could be a problem of my provider?, i tried also with my sipgate Trunk who is not in use normally same result incoming and outgoing calls not possible to this time until the restart .

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