FreePBX Bulk Handler Conference Rooms

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has come across an issue with the bulk creation of Conference Rooms. When we performed out PBX migration it seems that the new PBX was set to auto create conference rooms at time of creating the migrated extensions. Whilst this has now been ceased for all new extensions, I still have some 1000 conference rooms that were not required fro the outset but now need to be removed.
Using the Bulk Handler module I can both export and import a list of conference rooms, yet I am unable to issue a bulk delete command since the removal of the ‘Actions’ column and expiry of the diminished bulk extensions module several years ago.
Looking at the forums I see others asking similar -but not the same- question, yet I have never seen any workable responses. Hoping that someone has some thoughts on this now.
Apologies for the expanded explanation, and thanks in advance for any suggestions and comments

I haven’t tried it lately, but there used to be a “del” action you could add to delete items in bulk handler, I think?

You can delete them from the database and then reload.

fwconsole mysql
delete from meetme where exten = XXX;
fwconsole reload

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