FreePBX Bulk Extensions Not Working Can't Register Endpoint

FreePBX and Asterisk 13.2

I am trying to use the bulk extensions module but it is not working properly. It is loading the extension as I have added it, however, the endpoint will not register.

First to note, all csv work is done in Textpad, not Excel or anything else.
I will export an extension list (with a few working PJSIP extensions currently) first to work off of. Here is the process:

I copy a line and do a replace on the extension (say original is 6201, I replace all 6201 with 6204) and include “add” at the beginning to get it to load the extension.

add,6205,Smith Bob,6205,0,enabled,0,disabled,pjsip,11apdoiu2n3ect,rfc4733,from-internal,PJSIP/6205,[email protected],fixed,6205,Smith Bob,disabled,ogg,enabled,6205,attach=no,saycid=no,envelope=yes,delete=no,default,checked,checked,6205,CHECKED,7,ringallv2-prim,20,6205,0,0,0,“ext-local,6205,dest”,0,3,disabled,usestate,yes,pai,60,no,generic,generic,dontcare,dontcare,dontcare,dontcare,disabled,10,0,0,5222,0,

I load it through bulk extensions, apply config as it says it will add extension 6204.

Here I test the extension on an endpoint and it does not work.

Run Bulk Extensions export again and I see that my line I used to add the extension now includes under devinfo_deny and devinfo_permit. I did not add these but it seems to have appended them.

,6204,Smith Bob,6204,0,enabled,0,disabled,pjsip,11apdoiu2n3ect,rfc4733,from-internal,PJSIP/6204,[email protected],,,fixed,6204,Smith Bob,disabled,ogg,enabled,6204,attach=no,saycid=no,envelope=yes,delete=no,default,checked,checked,6204,CHECKED,7,ringallv2-prim,20,6204,0,0,0,“ext-local,6204,dest”,0,3,disabled,usestate,yes,pai,60,no,generic,generic,dontcare,dontcare,dontcare,dontcare,disabled,10,0,0,5222,0,

The endpoint does not register. Here is what I get in the logs:

[2016-07-14 17:02:13] NOTICE[29949] res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request from ‘sip:[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ (callid: [email protected]) - No matching endpoint found

However, if I were to create the extension the exact same way through the FreePBX UI, it will register every time.

Any ideas? I’m all ears!