FreePBX broken after power failure

I had the power fail, and by all accounts it seems that the database server on my FreePBX distro is now broken.
(Prior to this, rebooting the machine presented no issues).

Asterisk no longer works, and neither does the web interface.

MySQL is not running, and won’t start. The system believes something is already running on that port.

Any ideas where to look?


Probably the behaviour of your system could find and explanation in what was reported here: read the whole Thread to fix your system.

Also, the FreePBX Distro Ticket 61 reported a temporary fix that should then prevent a similar issue and (AFAIK) it’s going to be (re)included into the new minor revision FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-7.

The procedure stated in the other thread fixed the issue right away, thank you.