Freepbx blocks all tcp and udp connections except asterisk

Hello dear friends.
My FreePBX version is 13.
“uname -a” output: Linux freepbx-a 2.6.32-642.6.2.el6.x86_64

When I am enabling and using Asterisk AMI monitoring, after few minutes all UDP and TCP connections drops. When I ping to server, I get error like this: destionation port unreachable. Also I cant SSH to server and access to freepbx’s web management.
After disabling monitoring and waiting for 10 minutes, I can ssh and use web management.
Please, help me to fix that problem.

Can you place elaborate on that? What monitoring tool do you have in place?

Dear @PitzKey, I use Zabbix monitoring tool, official FreePBX template.
I think that problem is not in Zabbix, because I have other FreePBX server that works fine with Zabbix monitoring.

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