FreePBX BLF for Trunks on Grandstream GXP2000

I’m sure this is simple but I cant find out how to get a BLF to work with a trunk

I am able to link the BLF lights and buttons on my Grandstream GXP2000 to extensions simply by logging into the web interface on the SIP Phone eg to set up monitoring of extension 2003 on button 3 …

->Basic Settings ->Multi Purpose Key 3->Key Mode:Asterisk BLF Account:Account 1
Name:2003 UserID: 2003

I don’t need to make any changes to FreePBX

But how do i set up a BLF for a trunk or Ring Group ?

Current Asterisk Version: 13.13.1
Grandstream GXP2000 Software Version: Program-- Bootloader-- HV:1.1

What kind of trunks? What possible value does a trunk BLF provide to a phone user?

Sounds like you are trying to emulate a key and lamp system. Asterisk the underlying phone system does not do this. So don’t bother trying to get asterisk to emulate this, it has no advantages to the end user, they need to get used to using a pbx rather than a key system.


Thanks both,

Perhaps I am going a bit key and lamp !

Here is my proposed set up, three close family houses each with a pstn line, plus a few sipgate trunks and a connection to the heritage C*NET system

I want users in each house to choose whether to answer the call from another house, I was going to indicate to them which trunk was causing the incoming call using the BLF.

Also when making outgoing calls they want to be able to choose to make the call from their own line, even if they are another family members house, so if the called party looks at the CID they will be presented with the right persons number.

I’v come across an article at

Could I use the “exten => 2001, hint,Zap/5” type of hint ??
but where would i put it in FreePBX ?
My trunks are probably going to be either
A remote SPA3000
A SPA3000 on a remote FreePBX in each house ( raspberry PI connected via IAX)