FreePBX Beta Distro Release 1-86-210.57-1

We are pleased to announce a Beta release 1-86-210.57-1 of the next FreePBX Distro.

This release still uses the same netinstall procedures as all the other releases have. As we gear up to move to a more hybrid approach of a install in the future we figured it was time to get something out with some updated packages in the mean time and work out all the kinks before moving forward with to many changes at once.

This release is composed of;

  • Asterisk 1.8.6 with a few patches still for items we are waiting to get accepted into the Digiums 1.8 or 10 branch
  • The brand new FreePBX 2.10 Beta for your GUI with a whole new GUI look and feel that we are testing out.
  • Centos 5.7 with the latest 5.7 kernel

Please remember this is a Beta release and includes a very untested Centos 5.7 and FreePBX 2.10 but please enjoy.

At this time we are not offering any upgrade scripts from the latest stable to this Beta release. If enough people ask for it I can spend some time to whip one up so let me know.

Lastly do not forget to open bug reports at for any bugs you find as I am sure there will be a few we have missed.

FreePBX Beta Distro

I got the network page, unchecked IP6 and chose OK. It grabbed an IP ( it did… I checked) and then all I have is a blue screen.

I do not see the normal progress indicator.

Yes well as luck would have it our primary DataCenter is having a major BGP routing issue so 2 of our yum servers are really really slow. Hopefully they have it resolved shortly.

At least it isn’t my new version of VMWare…

No worries, I’ll try later on.

Ok DNS should finally be updated now to use our other 2 servers only for yum and allow for easy install now. Sorry about that.

I posted some comments on Philippe’s announcement, so I won’t duplicate them here.

I was looking at it and surfing around checking out the new stuff and it all looked good and I rebooted and then was unable to login to the GUI. I filed a bug report.

I am going to start over just in case it is my new VM.


Did you by any chance install sysadmin when poking around. If so we have a issue with sysadmin for 2.10 that will be fixed in the next day or so and why we did not install it by default for the Beta. If so remove the module from /var/www/html/admin/modules and it should work than

Sorry… had not realized it. But, I just did the same thing on a new install and installing system admin was the point it broke. Removing the module did restore functionality.

Yes hopefully Moshe can have that fixed this weekend or Monday and why I did not include the install of it with the Distro.

Installed no problem. It did take a long time before it started downloading packages. Also, when I went back to it many hours later, there was no message on the screen to go login from a web browser different machine to configure it.

Installed end point manager. Then it immediately said a new end point manager was available. I tried to update it, then said same thing.

Was going to install admin package, but then noticed the problems in this thread. Also, will the licensed admin package ever support gmail configs? I think all that is missing is generating a certificate??

Also -
Bulk DIDs cannot be upgraded:
FreePBX version 2.10 or higher is required, you have 2.10alpha1
Please try again after the dependencies have been installed.


My bad, it will be fixed shortly.

What version, etc should we use to file tickets in trac on the beta distro so they get to the correct place?

Against Freepbx 2.10

I went to and then clicked on “new ticket” on the upper right hand corner. That took me to a new form and I don’t see 2.10 on the versions list.

Is there any way I can upgrade my testbed Distro to ?


Esarant, Did you see this?

I have the script mostly done but have not tested it yet and the last part I am waiting on is to get the 2.9 to 2.10 upgrade part finished. It handles all the Centos 5.5 to 5.7 and the kernel upgrade.

Hopefully I can get back to it in the next couple days and finish it off.

+1 for the in place upgrade, just thought I’d add a vote. Looking forward to it.

Have just put 2.10 on my test box with a Distro Load. Congratulations on getting out such a complete and functional Beta Version that installed right first time.

Its going to take a bit of getting used to the new layout, especially working out where everything is! First impressions are that I liked the old GUI better, something is not feeling quite right with the new one, most likely because I was so comfortable with the way it was done before it makes me think if it wasn’t broken why try to fix it? Somehow the new GUI seems a little less polished than the old one, something I am sure will change with time, however, at this early stage I would say if its possible to have a choice in GUI layout it would be great to have the choice.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I really appreciate the work that is put in by the developers who do a first rate job. I am sure that as I look past the aesthetics I will find the real meat is under the hood in what the GUI can actually achieve in new features and improved functionality.

I will be very interested to hear what others have to say when comparing the two.