FreePBX Best Practices Company Setup

I would like to attempt to setup two FreePBX systems for my company at two different location. The main location would have about 110 phones while the other location would have about 50 phones. What I would like to know is if I can use a VPN going out a 30mb/10mb inet connection to the same connection type at the remote location. Or should I look into using another type of connection for this. The only thing that would be going over the VPN would be internal ext. to ext. phone calls. Each system would make their own external phone calls through their own sip trunk on the same internet connection. Any input would be appreciated.


“Each system would make their own external phone calls through their own sip trunk on the same internet connection.”

Are you routing all of your internet traffic from back over the VPN?

There is only one broadband internet connection so of course the sip trunk would use the same internet connection but it would not need to go over the vpn. Internet is also using the same pipe but not using the vpn.

Do you have any idea how many concurrent internal calls you may be looking at between your two offices?

Maximum 15 more then likely 5 on a normal basis.

You don’t even need a VPN to link the systems together. Just open up port 4569 and use Asterisk IAX protocol. It is a tunneling protocol, all media and signaling in the same media stream.

You can then set your routers to prioritize port 4569.

You certainly have a decent amount of bandwidth, what is the utilization like? Offices with 110 phones usually don’t put their voice and data on a single cable modem.

Also 3 concurrent calls is very low for 110 users.

Doesn’t sound like a lot, does this include call transfers between sites?

I actually have no idea but our users wont be spending a lot of time calling between the two buildings. Its all new construction so this is all best guess on my part.

This is a good idea. I actually attempted this during the week couldnt get it working but I did not know to open port 4569. Do you have a guide somewhere that could instruct me on setting this up properly?

easton123 there is a user guide for the IAX setting module in our wiki here: And here is a guide for connecting two systems via IAX also available in our wiki: