Freepbx behind pfsense no incoming calls

I’m running freepbx behind a pfsense router and for some reason I can’t get any incoming calls. I get outgoing no problem, however. For my setup I have port forwarding set up for 10000-20000 as well as 5060-5080, and I have Outbound NAT set to manual using a static port. I also have a couple of firewall rules set to allow the port forwarding ports through. I’m really new at this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

what system are you running?
do you see the inbound calls hit the firewall? the pbx?
are you using sip trunk registration or ip authentication?
why did you set outbound nat to manual?
lots of questions.

Thanks for asking, I’m still trying to get better at posting specifics, so I apologize for the lack of them. I’m running asterisk 1.8 and no I’m not seeing them hit the firewall which is really confusing me. We’re using sip trunk registration. I set the outbound to manual to try to pin down where it would leave the network from. I don’t have a really great reason for it, but it hasn’t broken anything either. I’m sort of mucking about at the moment.

the udp timeout setting is too low. don’t know what pfsense sets it to, but most firewalls default to 30 seconds. set it to a higher number than the trunk re-registration. you can verify this by forcing the trunk to register (save it again) then immediately make in inbound call. if this works, then wait for 45 seconds and try it again. if it fails, then you know it is the udp timer.