FreePBX baremetal backup options

Hello Back agian, my prevoius topic was closed, This time I was sick myself.
The system is running ok, despite the erors on statup.

Since this new system is running on bare metal i need some backup from the whole system AKA diskcopy.
I first tested clonezilla, many errors with the lvm disks. So first put this option aside for now
The tested with mongo but could not find anything to install on centos 7 that works.
I also found Rear relax backup , this looks wel maintned.
To test i changed the disk in my pbx server and installed fresh Freepbx iso

To test the rear backup i followed this howto
First tip, first test the nsf mount to your nsf disk works with (after sudo systemctl restart nfs howto)

showmount -e <Ip or fdn of your NSF server>

After the first run i got an error :
WARNING: /usr/lib/grub/x86_64-efi/moddep.lst not found, grub2-mkimage will likel y fail. Please install the grub2-efi-x64-modules package to fix this.
ERROR: Error occurred during grub2-mkimage of BOOTX64.efi

After some research i found maybe solution

 sudo yum reinstall grub2-efi grub2-efi-modules  shim

still failure on creating iso backup

 sudo yum install grub2-efi-modules

Yes, it works on my NSF share created iso and tar file.
Tormorrow i will wipe de harddisk and try the backup.

So now a small question, is Rear relax good with freepbx ? Or are there better solutions

Hello again,

It took little bit more time then expected. Since FreepBX can not be rerstored to a smaller disk, the disk image was only 1,6GiB but it was installed on a 4 TB harddrive. After borrow a 4 TB disk the restore was going smoothley takes about 10 minutes to finish.

The main task before was, the backup iso copy to usb with rufus and after boot run the rear recover command.

After the restore i did have a look with gparted if i could resize the disk partion to a much smaller then the 3,5 TB lvm . I would be nice if i could schrink it to 300 GB. Then i could restore the backup to a new 512GB SSD

It is not a easy task searching with google how to resize lvm.
I managed tot resize the lvm to 300 GB, but still gparted can not schrink it. Gparted however detects that the lvm is 300 GB.

To resize the LVM i used this howto

If all fails i have to make a new install, and do all manual changes in the config files again. ( the freepbx backup is working for the pbx part)

Edit post saturday 21-12
All attempts by me to reduce the root lvm were unsuccessful.
At the moment I think it is almost impossible to shrink the lvm after a lot of google actions. Fortunately, with Rear Relax restore I can bring the entire installation back to its original status

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