Freepbx Backups

In some of the older distos I use for day to day doesn’t have the updated backup module, so when I’m attempting to set the “Email from” address in Advanced options, the section to amend this within the GUI isn’t there.
What config file would you have to change to amend the email from [email protected] to [email protected]



This would be in the database. Why not update the module.

I would but I’ve noticed when updating modules it will advise to upgrade to a version that isn’t compatible with the freepbx version.
Some of the newer versions also have this missing but i’ve had a look at the latest update on the backup module and can see the latest change log is the exact fix to what im looking for so this will resolve the issue for the 5.XX versions.
Is there any documentation that advised which module is compatible with which freepbx version

If you upgrade through module admin it won’t let you install an incompatible version.

To be fair I thought upgrading through the module admin wouldn’t cause much harm
We had a corruption after upgrading some modules on v4 pbx, must of been coincidence.

Cheers for the help i’ll get that module updated!