Freepbx Backup


I want to perform a regular backup on my freepbx system. The module is not installed and when I go to module admin, there is no backup and restore feature to be install.

My PBX is block from the internet for internal policy reason, is that the reason I don’t see any way to install a backup module in order to backup my system ? If not the internet, why do I not see a backup option to be install or a backup feature on my pbx to perform backup ?

Any risk installing a backup module, as it inject change in the system and obviously I don’t have any backups any case something goes bad during the installation … !?

I need some help …

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Guillaume Besner

Yes you need internet to update and install modules that are not installed.

Thank you Tony. The PBX has been running for years without backups. I am fairly new wiht the company and I noticed that and want to take action.

Would you be comfortable in adding this feature ? is there any risk ? I have 0 backups …

Thank you

In my limited experience, ‘backup and restore’ is problematic. It was a cool idea and filled a square, but it’s practical use has never really been stellar. I would recommend using a ‘warm spare’ backup or image backup instead.

thank you for your input Dave :slight_smile:

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