FreePBX Backup

Trying to configure a full FreePBX for disaster planning purposes (datacenter takes nightly images, but what if the datacenter fails).

Using the FreePBX data backup module. When adding “Full Backup” is adds the directory AMPBIN - it also adds an exclusion for ASTVARLIBDIR/moh and for ASTVARLIBDIR/sounds.

AMPBIN does not reference the folder for moh or sounds. Why is the exclusion there?

AMPSBIN is referenced by other parties when discussing backup. Should AMPSBIN also be added? Is AMPBIN and AMPSBIN totally different? I think AMPBIN references \var\lib\asterisk\bin and AMPSBIN references /usr/sbin.

It also backs up the directory \var\www\html\admin\modules. This is the downloaded modules. Why? Would it not make better sense to not back these up and in a disaster situation these would be downloaded from FreePBX when the distro is installed.

Can u provide further details ie… freepbx ver. Asterisk ver. Backup module ver.

I use freepbx 13 asterisk 11 and when I select the full backup template I receive dif results as to what you describe.

We are using the FreePBX “Backup & Restore” module for backup. It is version We are using V13 distro (10.13.66-22) with everything being fully updated. We are running asterisk 13.18.3.

For our backup strategy, we have taken the “Full Backup”, CDRs, Config, System Audio, and Voicemail backup options and pieced together the attached. Our goal is to provide for the smallest backup sized job that allows us to fully restore a PBX in the event of complete machine failure; restoring using the a new distro install and restoring the backup file. We purposely do not want to backup ROM files or Module install files, because we feel that those are easily downloadable in a restore situation. Same with MOH, we have the standard MOH we use plus any customer supplied special MOH saved in our CRM database.

We are still unsure about about AMPSBIN vs AMPBIN. The module itself adds AMPBIN, yet the documentation (ref Backup and Restore - PBX GUI - Documentation) says it adds AMPSBIN.

Any thoughts on our backup strategy being complete enough and on AMPSBIN vs AMPBIN are very much welcome.

FYI, I read a thread here today that said the FreePBX mirrors were down for a few hours yesterday, so maybe it’s a good thing to have those modules pre-downloaded so that you can recover without depending on the FreePBX mirrors being up.