Freepbx Backup

Hi Guys,

i have serveral questions about the FreePBX backup:

1.I have restored my FreePBX 2.11 one a new FreePBX 12. It worked.Even the Webgui changed to the “old” one, wich is clear because of the var/www/html/ files. But are there any differences in the mysql db between those versions, for example rows or tables that the old version doesn´t have? Wich problems can occure in restore from the old system?

2.Are there a better way to copy/restore my whole configuration to the new pbx (extensions,routes,trunks,queues,ring groups and so on)

3.Are there any problems to copy the extension*.conf from ast 1.8 to ast 11 for example commands wich changed and ast 11 can´t understand?

  1. Is it right, that you need Asterisk 1.8 or higher to upgrade to Asterisk 11.

  2. How would you do the restore from 2.11 to 12 or would you do the upgrade over the webgui? Or is the upgrade the safest way to do this?

Thank you very much.


backup and restore should only be done on the same version. You would want to install 2.11, restore, upgrade